Central cloud platform for businesses – sales, project management, remote collaboration, analytics

Boost.space centralizes your company cloud data and speeds up sharing infromation in your team. Our tools make your comany and remote collaboration more effective.

Use the full potential of your company!

Need modern tools to outsmart your competition? Custom solutions are expensive and using
several apps at once isn’t effective for your team.
Boost.space is a sophisticated solution that will boost you in these areas:


Sales tools and CRM

Build relationships with customers. Enhance and automate your sales process.

Projektové řízení

Project management

Projects, tasks, cloud storage, file sharing, communication, tracking time and expenses - all in one place.

Datová vizualizace

Data visualisation

Use the power of your data! Combine data from different sources, make live graphs, share with colleagues and manage better.

Work from anywhere. Safely!

Have your company under control - anytime, anywhere. Boost.space runs on all platforms so home-office won’t be a problem anymore!

Safety: We create a separate cloud on a secure section of the server, with individual encryption for each client. This, coupled with an SSL connection, will turn your company into an impenetrable digital fortress. No more worries about temp-jobbers in the data centre!

Cooperate better, communicate faster, share information more easily. Be more productive!

Secure SSL encryption
Safe drive encryption

Treat yourself to a tailored solution!

Build your Boost.space from the available modules like a jigsaw puzzle. Get the optimum balance between versatility and simplicity.

Boost.space is exactly as complex as you want it to be!

Chat a komunikace

Communicate better!

Chat and communication

Cloudové úložiště

Sort and manage company files!

Cloud storage

Firemní kalendář

Perfect overview!

Company calendar

Don’t adapt your company to the software. Boost.space will adapt to you.

Become one of our early-adopters!

You’re not alone in this!
We’re here to help!

We will help you to set up your company processes, to migrate data, to connect Boost.space to your systems and help with data analytics.

Are you a company with specific demands?
We can also create tailor-made modules and solutions. Get in touch! We can help you reach your company’s full potential!

Tadeáš Marek
Founder and CEO

Where is Boost.space working already?

Read stories from companies who have already enhanced their business with Boost.space.

The big advantage of Boost.space was its modular approach, which made it possible to build a tailored solution and keep the option of further development open. Equally important was the simplicity of the whole system.

Jiří Kachlík, CEO

We needed to solve the problem with the old, unsatisfactory system, and we needed to do it quickly. Boost.space was an ideal solution thanks to its ready made CRM module. Show full testimonial

Daniela Fuxová, founder

Boost.space is so easy and user-friendly that our employees understand that it doesn’t add unnecessary work, but instead helps them sell better.

Daniel Slíva, Vice Chairman of the Board