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By centralizing your Readwise data, enhances your IT systems’ efficiency, aggregating essential data into a unified database. This centralization supports streamlined collaboration, simplifies process automation, and enriches data analysis. Easily connect Readwise to a vast network of applications with just a few clicks through

How can I use to work with Readwise? enables seamless integration of Readwise, allowing you to centralize your data into a unified database for easy access and management. Set up automated workflows to synchronize data across various platforms, enhancing team collaboration and efficiency. With, you can quickly connect Readwise to numerous apps such as Salesforce for CRM, Slack for communication, Trello for project management, and Google Sheets for data analysis, streamlining processes and ensuring data-driven decision-making is straightforward and effective.

About Readwise

Readwise is a tool designed to help users revisit and retain the most valuable insights from their reading materials. It collects highlights from ebooks, articles, PDFs, and more, and presents them in a structured format. This platform not only aids in recalling important information but also integrates this data into daily review sessions. The utility of Readwise is its ability to make continuous learning and information retention more accessible and effective, catering to avid readers, researchers, and lifelong learners who want to maximize the benefits from their reading experiences.


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Readwise Triggers / Actions (7)

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Watch New Documents (Reader)

Watches for new documents in Reader.

Delete Highlight

Deletes a highlight

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary API call.

Get Document Details (Reader)

Retrieves details of a specific Document.

List Daily Review Items

Retrieves a list of daily review items.

List Documents (Reader)

Retrieves a list of documents from Reader.

List Highlights

Retrieves a list of Highlights

14 days trial
No credit card required