Data Management meets AI: Three AI-powered Features that changes how we think about Data & AI
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🪄 AI Data Transformation & Mapping AI Data Transformation and Mapping is an advanced tool designed to streamline the process of working with data from diverse sources. This AI technology specializes in two key functions: data mapping and data transformation.

Data Mapping

This functionality addresses the challenge of dealing with multiple data fields across various data sources. AI intelligently identifies and maps these fields, ensuring that corresponding data from different sources is accurately aligned. This is particularly useful in scenarios where data comes from multiple systems or platforms, each with its own unique set of fields and naming conventions.


Data Transformation

Alongside mapping, the AI also transforms data types and formats into a standardized format. This is crucial for maintaining data consistency and reliability across systems. Whether you’re dealing with different date formats, numeric representations, or text encodings, AI efficiently converts all these varying data types into a uniform standard. This transformation enables users to seamlessly integrate and analyze data without the need to manually adjust formats or types.



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