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Etsy Triggers / Actions

Get a head start with our Etsy integration templates or create your own

Watch Shop Receipts

Triggers when a new show receipts is added.

Create Listing

Creates a new listing

Create User Address

Creates a new UserAddress. Note: state is required when the country is US, Canada, or Australia. See section above about valid codes.

Delete Listing

Deletes a listing.

Delete User Address

Deletes the an account user address with the given id.

Get Ledger

Gets a shop payment account ledger.

Get Inventory

Gets the inventory for a listing.

Get Listing

Retrieves a listing by ID.

Get Offering

Get a specific offering for a listing.

Get Product

Gets a specific offering for a listing.

Get Shop Receipt

Retrieves a shop receipt by ID.

Get Transaction

Retrieves a shop transaction by ID.

Get User Address

Retrieves a an account user address by id.

Get User Profile

Returns the user profile object associated with an account user.

Make an API Call (Deprecated)

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Submit Tracking

Submits tracking information and sends a shipping notification email to the buyer.

Update Listing

Updates a listing. Note that the Etsy API will attempt to activate a Listing after every edit operation. This may result in charges to the user's Etsy bill. To edit an inactive Listing without activating it, pass the optional parameter State = Inactive.

Update Shop Receipt

Updates a shop receipt.

Update User Profile

Updates the user profile object associated with an account user.

Upload a Listing Image

Uploads an image of the specified listing.

Find All Listings

Retrieves a list of all listings which are active, interesting, trending or featured treasuries.

Find Ledger Entries

Gets a shop payment account ledger's entries

Find Shop Receipts

Retrieves a set of receipt objects assciated to a shop.

Find Transactions

Retrieves a set of Transaction objects associated to a shop, listing or receipt.

Find User Addresses

Retrieves a set of user address objects associated to an account user.

Find Users

Finds users who circled or are circled by an account user or gets the details of an account user.

Find Shop Listings

Finds all listings associated with a shop.

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