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Streamline operations with Smartlead AI integrations

Enhance your business efficiency by consolidating your Smartlead AI data. seamlessly integrates with your IT tools, aggregating data into centralized databases. This centralization fosters seamless collaboration, process automation, and comprehensive data analysis. Easily connect Smartlead AI with numerous apps in just a few clicks.

Few words about Smartlead

Empower your business’s outreach efforts with Smartlead’s innovative cold email outreach solution. With unlimited mailboxes, automated warmup features, a versatile multi-channel setup, and intuitive interface, it simplifies revenue cycle management. Whether optimizing campaigns with personalized fields, automated mailbox rotation, seamless integrations, and dynamic content, boosting productivity, or enhancing scalability with advanced features like automated replies and customizable white-labeling, our comprehensive tool streamlines it all in one platform.

Optimize Smartlead AI with other tool

Optimize your business operations by integrating Smartlead AI with essential tools like Salesforce, HubSpot, Mailchimp, Google Analytics, Hootsuite, Leadfeeder, WordPress, Asana, Shopify, and custom applications via APIs. With Smartlead AI, streamline processes and unlock the full potential of your data.

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Centralize data in Boost.Space with Smartlead AI integration Centralize data using ActiveCampaign integration, WooCommerce integration, Asana integration, Slack integration, Smartlead AI integration, Smartlead AI integration and 1800+ more!
Smartlead AI Modules (21)

Get a head start with our Smartlead AI integration templates or create your own

Watch Clicked Email Links

Triggers when a link in an email was clicked.

Watch Email Replies

Triggers when a new email reply was received.

Watch Opened Emails

Triggers when an email was opened.

Watch Sent Emails

Triggers when an email was sent.

Watch Unsubscribed Leads

Triggers when a lead was unsubscribed.

Watch Updated Lead Categories

Triggers when a lead's category was updated.

Add Lead/Domain to Global Block List

Adds a lead or a domain to the global block list.

Add Lead to Campaign

Adds a lead to a campaign.

Delete a Campaign

Deletes a campaign.

Delete Lead from Campaign

Deletes a lead from a campaign.

Get a Campaign

Returns details about a campaign.

Get Lead by Email

Returns a lead's data by using the email address.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Pause Lead

Pauses a lead from a campaign.

Resume Lead

Resumes a lead from a campaign.

Unsubscribe Lead from All Campaigns

Unsubscribes a lead from all campaigns.

Unsubscribe Lead from Campaign

Unsubscribes a lead from a campaign.

Update Lead's Category

Updates a lead's category.

List Campaigns

Returns a list of campaigns.

List Emails in Campaign

Returns a list of email accounts used for sending emails to leads in a campaign.

List Lead in Campaign

Returns a list of leads in a campaign.

14 days trial
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