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Streamline and sychronize your tasks from many sources and centralize your processes.

Get rid of the dysfunctional company processes using tools for creating, delegating, and sharing tasks.

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Take your tasks to a successful finish

Keep order even with a significant number of tasks split between several teams. You can easily filter, search and delegate your tasks. You can also look at the overview of the budget and working hours of any task.

Add a specific task to everyone

No more fragmented responsibilities and inefficient multitasking. Because of the easy delegation and an overview of assigned tasks, all employees have the necessary information and documents at hand.

Allocate the time and analyze the profitability of tasks

The tasks are automatically integrated with module Work Hours. This integration creates a powerful tool for allocating working hours and enables more effective management of related budgets.

Do more with the help of the Kanban Board and Gantt chart

Activate Kanban Boards and Gantt chart modules and be even effective in completing and distributing tasks.

Statuses and automated actions

Update information about the task’s progress.

Integration with other Boost.space modules

Automated integration with other modules within the Boost.space, like Projects, Contracts or Work reports.

Tools for team cooperation

Cooperate in a module and delegate tasks with the overview of changes and comments.

Automated notifications

Always have an overview thanks to the intelligent notifications – both on desktop and mobile.


Make your work on repeating projects easier with templates.