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Streamline your business processes by centralizing your Asana data. connects to your IT tools and helps aggregate their data into central databases. Data centralization serves as the foundation for easy collaboration across teams, process automation across tools, and data analysis with a complete story.

Asana emerges as a dynamic project management tool designed to streamline task organization, facilitate role assignments, and meticulously monitor project progress. Its intuitive interface fosters effective team communication and efficient project execution.

Integrate Asana with thousands of other apps in a few clicks.

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Asana Triggers / Actions (89)

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Watch Completed Tasks

Checks whether new tasks have been completed.

Watch New Subtasks

Checks whether new subtasks have been made.

Watch New Tasks

Checks whether new tasks have been made.

Watch New Projects

Checks whether new projects have been made.

Watch New Stories

Checks whether new (task) stories have been made.

Watch New Tags

Checks whether new tags have been made.

Watch Webhook Events

Watches webhook events.

Upload an Attachment

Uploads an attachment to a task.

Update a Workspace's Users

Updates the users of a workspace.

Update a Task's Tag

Updates a tag of a task.

Update a Task's Followers

Updates the followers of a task.

Update a Task's Dependents

Updates the dependents of a task. A task can have maximum 30 dependents.

Update a Task's Dependencies

Updates the dependencies of a task. A task can have maximum 15 dependencies.

Update a Task

Updates a task.

Update a Tag

Updates a tag.

Update a Story

Updates a Story.

Update a Project Section

Updates a project Section.

Update a Project's Custom Fields

Updates the custom fields of a project.

Update a Project

Updates a project.

Update a Task's Parent

Updates the parent task of a task.

Update a Custom Field Option

Updates an enumeration option.

Update a Custom Field

Updates a custom field.

Update a Portfolio

Updates a portfolio.

Remove Users from a Portfolio

Removes the specified list of users from members of the portfolio.

Remove a User From a Team

Removes a user from a team.

Remove a Task from a Project

Removes a task from a project.

Move a Project Section

Moves a project section relative to other project sections in the project's board view.

Get a Workspace

Retrieves a workspace.

Get a User

Retrieves a user.

Get a Team

Retrieves a team.

Get a Task

Retrieves a task.

Get a Tag

Retrieves a tag.

Get a Story

Retrieves a (task) story

Get a Project's Task Count

Retrieves the task count of a project.

Get a Project Status

Retrieves a project status.

Get a Project Section

Retrieves a project section.

Get a Project

Retrieves a project.

Get a Custom Field

Retrieves a (workspace) custom field.

Get an Attachment

Retrieves an attachment.

Get a Project Custom Field

Retrieves a project custom field.

Get a Portfolio

Retrieves a portfolio.

Get a Goal

Retrieves a goal.

Duplicate a Task

Duplicates a task.

Duplicate a Project

Duplicates a project.

Delete a Task

Deletes a task.

Delete a Story

Deletes a story.

Delete a Project Status

Deletes a project status.

Delete a Project Section

Deletes a project section.

Delete a Project

Deletes a project.

Delete a Custom Field

Deletes a custom field.

Delete an Attachment

Deletes an attachment.

Delete a Portfolio

Deletes a portfolio.

Create a Task or a Subtask

Creates a task or a subtask.

Create a Tag

Creates a tag.

Add a Story Comment

Adds a comment to a task.

Create a Project Status

Creates a project status.

Create a Project Section

Creates a project section.

Create a Project

Creates a project.

Add an Option to a Custom Field

Creates an enumeration option for a custom field.

Create a Custom Field

Creates a (workspace) custom field.

Create a Team

Creates a team.

Create a Portfolio

Creates a portfolio.

Add a User to a Team

Adds a user to a team.

Add Users to a Portfolio

Adds the specified list of users as members of the portfolio.

Add a Task to a Project

Adds a task to a project or section at a specific location.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

List a Task's Tags

Retrieves all the tags of a task.

List Goals

Retrieves all goals.

List a Workspace's Users

Retrieves all users in an organization.

List Portfolios

Retrieves all portfolios.

List a Project's Custom Fields

Retrieves all the custom fields of a project.

List Projects

Retrieves all projects.

List a Project's Sections

Retrieves all sections of a project.

List Project's Statuses

Retrieves the history of project statuses of a project.

List Tags

Retrieves all tags.

List a Task's Attachments

Retrieves all attachments of a task.

List a Task's Dependencies

Retrieves all the dependencies of a task.

List a Task's Dependents

Retrieves all the dependents of a task.

List a Task's Projects

Retrieves the projects of a task.

List Tasks

Retrieves tasks of a workspace, project, tag or assignee.

List a Task's Stories

Retrieves the stories of a task.

List a Task's Subtasks

Retrieves the subtasks of a task.

List a Workspace's Teams

Retrieves all teams in an organization.

List Users

Retrieves all users.

List a Team's Users

Retrieves the users in a team.

List a User's Teams

Retrieves all teams of a user.

List Webhooks

Retrieves all registered webhooks.

List a Workspace's Custom Fields

Retrieves all custom fields of a workspace.

List Workspaces

Retrieves all workspaces.

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