Introducing AI-Generated Sync Templates: Sync In & Sync Out Simpler Than Ever
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Frequently asked questions

Getting started(13)

What's the difference between and Can I do in everything I do in Make?

What are operations and how does the operations limit work?

What are records and what is the limit of records?

Do you accept request for connecting apps?

Do you integrate/synchronize -this- app?

Why does my scenario automatically deactivate over night?

Where can I find all the apps I can connect?

Can I please schedule a demo call with someone? I own and i don't know how to use this in my use case.

Can we hire someone to help us to integrate everything in our use case?

Help, I’m having issues with my scenario.

Where is the data stored?

What is the difference between modules and spaces?

I require more operations than you offer on the website, what can I do about it?