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Streamline your business processes by centralizing your Xero data. connects to your IT tools and helps aggregate their data into central databases. Data centralization serves as the foundation for easy collaboration across teams, process automation across tools, and data analysis with a complete story.

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Xero Modules (96)

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Watch Bank Transactions

Triggers when a bank transaction is added or updated.

Watch Bank Transfers

Triggers when a new bank transfer is created.

Watch Contacts

Triggers when a contact is created or updated.

Watch Credit Notes

Triggers when a credit note is added or updated.

Watch Employee Leaves

Triggers when employee leave is approved.

Watch Invoices

Triggers when an invoice is added or updated.

Watch Items

Triggers when a new item is created.

Watch Manual Journals

Triggers when a manual journal is created or updated.

Watch Payments

Triggers when a payment is created or updated.

Watch Purchase Orders

Triggers when an order is added or updated.

Watch Quotes

Triggers when a quote is created.

Watch Events

Triggers when a new event is created.

Add a Contact to a Contact Group

Adds a contact to a specified contact group.

Archive a Contact

Archives a contact with a given ID.

Create an Account

Creates a new account.

Сreate an Asset

Сreates a new asset.

Create an Asset Type

Creates a new asset type.

Create a Bank Transaction

Creates a new bank transaction.

Create a Bank Transfer

Transfers a specified amount from one account to another.

Create a Batch Payment

Creates a new batch payment.

Create a Contact

Creates a new contact.

Create a Contact Group

Creates a contact group.

Create a Credit Note

Creates a new credit note.

Create an Employee

Creates a new employee.

Create a Folder

Creates a new folder.

Create a History Note

Adds a note to a record.

Create an Invoice

Creates a new invoice.

Create an Item

Creates a new item.

Create a Manual Journal

Creates a manual journal.

Create a Purchase Order

Creates a new purchase order.

Create a Quote

Creates a quote.

Create a Timesheet

Creates a new timesheet.

Create a Tracking Category

Creates a new tracking category.

Delete a Contact Group

Deletes all contacts from a contact group.

Delete a File

Deletes an existing file.

Delete a Folder

Deletes an existing folder.

Delete a Purchase Order

Deletes an existing purchase order.

Delete a Timesheet

Deletes an existing timesheet.

Delete a Tracking Category

Deletes an existing tracking category.

Download an Attachment

Downloads an attachment.

Download an Invoice

Downloads an invoice.

Get an Account

Returns information about an account with a specified ID.

Get an Asset

Retrieves an existing asset.

Get an Asset Type

Retrieves an existing asset type.

Get a Bank Transaction

Returns information about a transaction with a specified ID.

Get a Contact

Retrieves contact information by ID.

Get a Contact Group

Returns information about a contact group.

Get a Credit Note

Returns information about a credit note with a specified ID.

Get a File

Retrieves an existing file.

Get a Folder

Retrieves an existing folder.

Get an Invoice

Returns information about an invoice with a given ID.

Get an Invoice URL

Retrieves Xero online invoice URL.

Get an Item

Searches for an item by item ID or item code.

Get a Manual Journal

Returns information about a manual journal.

Get a Payment

Retrieves information about a payment with a specified ID.

Get a Purchase Order

Returns information about a purchase order with a specified ID.

Get a Sales Invoice PDF

Retrieves a sales invoice PDF.

Get a Setting Object

Retrieves a setting object.

Get a Timesheet

Retrieves an existing timesheet.

Get a Tracking Category

Retrieves an existing tracking category.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Remove a Contact from a Contact Group

Removes a contact from a contact group.

Send an Invoice via Email

The email will be sent to the primary email address of the contact on the invoice. The invoice must be of Type ACCREC and a valid Status for sending (SUMBITTED,AUTHORISED or PAID).

Update an Account

Updates a new account.

Update an Asset

Updates an existing asset.

Update an Asset Type

Updates an existing asset type.

Update a Contact

Updates a contact by ID.

Update an Employee

Updates an employee by ID.

Update a File

Updates an existing file.

Update a Folder

Updates an existing folder.

Update an Invoice

Updates an invoice by ID.

Update an Item

Updates an item by ID.

Create a Payment

Use this method to apply payments to approved AR and AP invoices or refund AR or AP credit notes.

Update a Purchase Order

Updates an existing purchase order.

Update a Tracking Category

Updates an existing tracking category.

Upload a File

Uploads a file to a selected object.

Upload a File (Files API)

Uploads a file using Files API.

Get a Bank Statements Report

Returns bank statements for a selected bank account.

Get a Bank Summary

Returns the balances and cash movements for each bank account.

Get History of Changes

Retrieves the changes made to a given object.

List Asset Types

Lists all existing asset types.

List Attachments

Retrieves a list of attachments.

List Files

Lists all existing files.

List Folders

Lists all existing folders.

Search for Items

Returns a list of items.

List Tenants

Lists all existing tenants.

Search for Accounts

Finds an account by ID, name, or code.

Search Assets

Searches for assets or lists them all.

Search for Contact Groups

Searches for a contact group.

Search for Contacts

Searches for a contact by name or email.

Search for Invoices

Searches for an invoice.

Search for Manual Journals

Searches for a manual journals.

Search Payments

Searches for payments or lists them all.

Search for Tax Rates

Finds a tax rate by name.

Search Timesheets

Searches for timesheets or lists them all.

Search Tracking Categories

Searches for tracking categories or lists them all.

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