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How We Got #1 Product of the Day & #4 Product of the Week on Product Hunt

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What a ride it’s been. One-of-a-kind experience for sure. Anyone preparing to do a Product Hunt launch properly – good luck, have fun and GO BIG. There’s no other way. Because the other guys will. 😉

How We Got #1 Product of the Day & #4 Product of the Week on Product Hunt

Product Hunt: A Platform for Innovative Discoveries

In case you haven’t heard about Product Hunt before – it’s a vital platform, where makers and entrepreneurs showcase their innovative products to a global audience of technology enthusiasts, possible early adopters, and industry influencers.

The primary appeal of Product Hunt lies in its ability to bring new and intriguing tech products to the forefront, providing visibility and user feedback that can be pivotal.

Quick Introduction to is a no-code cloud platform that enables businesses to synchronize data across all connected tools (choose from more than 1,700!) and set up automations on them. It standardizes data from tools into a unified format and consolidates it into a master database from where all tools can be managed centrally and synchronously.

Impact of the Launch in Practice

Launching a Product Hunt is like the theatrical premiere of a long-prepared play. Your product gets to be exposed to the public spotlight – where it either shines or its imperfections are highlighted.

By following these steps, you could:

👉 Reach over 1,800 followers on Product Hunt product page

👉 Welcome over 1,000 unique visitors within 24 hours

👉 Get over 300 new signups

👉 Obtain over 250 leads (in our case AppSumo LTD Waitlist)

graph signups

A graph showing new signups to platform, with the launch day spike on the 6th of December

We’ve also registered 50+ new members within our User Community and 150+ LinkedIn Connection Requests across personal LinkedIn profiles.

join user community,, facebook

How Secured the Top Spot on Product Hunt

Launching on Product Hunt is a milestone for any tech startup, and for this was no exception. Our goal was to hit that coveted #1 Product of the Day spot. Here’s how we did it.

product hunt launch,, sync data

Lessons learned from our previous launch

They say it takes a life to learn how to live, and sometimes, it takes a launch to learn how to launch. Although our first Product Hunt launch was pretty successful as well, we didn’t make it to the Top.

Getting a spot among the few top products of the day is no coincidence. To be completely honest with you, we underestimated this launch on so many levels. To mention a few, here’s where we went wrong:

👎 We didn’t collaborate with a professional hunter. Can’t stress this one enough – going deeper on this note below.

👎 We organized giveaways in order to boost our upvotes. Having no idea that campaigns of this kind were forbidden, we were offering special thankyous for showing us support.

👎 We reached out to Product Hunt list of users – and got reported and unfeatured. 🙃

But there’s also a bright side to this launch: because of it, we have gained almost 500 new followers, i.e. obtained a nice fanbase for our next launch.

And what did we do this time?

Prepared Engaging Content

What’s important to realize is the fact that dozens of products are launching every day. So, in order to succeed among all these great innovative solutions, developing an amazing product is not enough – you have to be able to present it in a way that stands out.

That’s why, in the weeks prior to the launch, we researched what the successful launched products have in common.

And that’s also the reason why we decided to go with a strong claim in our product description, mentioning two commonly known platforms, Zapier and Airtable. Oh, and it also involved an LTD – of course.

If Airtable & Zapier had a baby & came up with lifetime deal

Graphics and Texts for Our Product Hunt Product (Launch) Page

Our team crafted visually appealing graphics and concise, compelling copy that clearly explained how transforms data management and workflow integration.

We knew our product’s unique value proposition – a no-code tool enabling powerful two-way data synchronization and integration across over 1740 tools. Apart from that, we made sure that every piece of content underscored our platform’s ability to streamline operations and enhance productivity.

Our graphics and copy complements the main claim and develops further on our products features.

product hunt product page
Simple, yet original graphics to catch the eye, underlining our products features.

Filmed a Couple of Original Videos

Videos are a great way to boost the audience engagement. Although this one took quite some effort to make, it was fun and definitely worth it!

Product Hunt Launch Video

Because – guess what! The Product Hunt CEO Rajiv retweeted our Founder’s post containing the video! And that’s something that happens once in a couple of months. 👀

Reached out via All Channels

Ahead of the launch, we engaged with our existing user base and reached out to potential customers. We also leveraged our social media channels to build anticipation and educated our audience about our Product Hunt debut.

Dedicated a Landing Page

We developed a special landing page that also serves as a gateway to the waitlist for our AppSumo deal. This page, connected to out Product Hunt Launch page, focuses more on driving conversions than accumulating upvotes. It is crafted to address three critical questions:

  1. The Problem: What is the challenge we’re addressing? (Explained in the simplest terms).
  2. Our Solution: How do we tackle this problem?
  3. The Benefit: Why is our product the ideal solution for this issue?

This approach ensures a clear, concise message that resonates with our audience and highlights the unique value of

appsumo, product hunt, landing page

Got a Good Hunter

Launching on Product Hunt is no game. Thousands of people and teams make a living – and it’s a good living – by helping startups manage their launch through promoting your product to their followers, in online groups, asking for support from specific leads, sharing their practical know-how with you, and much more.

And there’s a reason for it. Rules to follow on one hand, and things you definitely don’t want to do on the other. The right hunter can make the whole process much easier and really help you succeed. 

We decided to go with Rohan Chaubey and his team, which turned out to be an excellent choice. By joining our forces, we not only secured the Product of the Day badge but also got on the Products of the Week list. Many thanks again, Rohan. 💕

rohan chaubey, hunter

Activate partners & Investors

Avoid the Bots

We were approached by at least 30 LinkedIn profiles offering paid upvotes during the launch date. We’re pretty sure most hunters and makers have encountered these offers.

Our advice is clear: Don’t do it, man. Just don’t. It undermines the whole concept of Product Hunt, and more importantly, you’ll most likely lose those upvotes anyway. Buying votes will just hurt your scoring.

The Launch Day

On the big day, we were in full gear. Our team actively participated on Product Hunt and other relevant forums, responding to queries and engaging with the community. We also urged our network to support us on the platform. We dedicated our entire day, working 16 hours straight, responding to every comment on our launch, engaging with users in the Community section, and internally sending over 2,500 messages in those 16 hours alone. It was intense!


Don’t underestimate the comments!

Overall, we’ve:

  1. Sent more than 5000 PMs over Linkedin, WhatsApp and Telegram
  2. Posted in more than 600 groups and communities
  3. Wrote around 150 comment replies
  4. Created 15 Community topics and got more than 100 upvotes and 50+ comments on those
  5. Wrote more than 2500 messages internally and 500+ with the Hunter team

Quick Tip: Use Hunted.Space or Product Wars 2 to monitor what’s going on and, most importantly – trends and predictions when it comes to Upvote and Comment speed.


product wars 2

Product Wars 2


Our Product Hunt success story is a testament to strategic planning, community engagement, and having a product that genuinely meets a market need. It’s a journey that has just begun, and we’re excited for what lies ahead.

And there you have it. Once Product Hunt shares your product across its channels, you need to stay active to remain relevant throughout the week. This helps you reach the next wave of accolades, such as Product of the Week and Product of the Month, and then top your Category.

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Published by Matous Králík

Chief Marketing Officer