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Unify Your Data and Enhance Efficiency with Integrated Workable Solutions

To optimize your business processes, consider centralizing your data with Workable and integrating it into your broader IT ecosystem. offers a platform that enables the connection of Workable to a vast array of other applications, facilitating the aggregation of their data into a unified database. This centralization is crucial for fostering seamless collaboration among teams, automating processes across different tools, and conducting comprehensive data analysis that provides a holistic view of your operations.

By integrating Workable with thousands of apps quickly and effortlessly, you unlock the potential for significant efficiencies in your workflows. This integration capability can streamline operations, reduce redundancy, and ensure that data flows smoothly across your organization’s technology stack, leading to more informed decision-making and improved overall performance.

What is Workable

Workable is described as the world’s leading hiring platform used by companies of all sizes across various industries to manage their in-house recruitment and hire the best talent. It offers software solutions that facilitate the entire hiring process, from sourcing candidates to effective applicant tracking, scheduling interviews, and making final offers. Workable is recognized for helping employers review applications, communicate with applicants, schedule interviews, and extend job offers through its platform​.

Sync data with other apps

Integrating Workable with various apps and tools streamlines recruitment by automating tasks and centralizing data. By connecting Workable to HR platforms like BambooHR for onboarding, communication tools such as Slack for team updates, and Google Workspace for scheduling, the hiring process becomes more efficient. Utilizing job boards like LinkedIn and Indeed expands the reach for job postings, while integrating with assessment platforms such as HackerRank enhances candidate evaluation. automation capabilities allow Workable to connect with thousands of other apps, significantly broadening its functionality and automating various aspects of the recruitment workflow. This integration approach not only saves time but also improves the overall hiring experience.

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Workable Triggers / Actions (7)

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Watch Candidate Updates

Triggers when a candidate moves to a new stage.

Watch New Candidates

Triggers when a new candidate is created.

Get a Candidate

Returns the candidate's data by its Id.

Get a Job

Returns a job's data by its shortcode.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Search Candidates

Returns a list of candidates.

Search Jobs

Returns a list of jobs.

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