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Keep your meetings and deadlines under control.

Create and share calendars with an entire company, team or selected individuals. Arranging appointments has never been easier.

Screenshot of the module Calendar

Plan your meetings

Make plans quickly and easily by sharing the meeting calendar for individual teams or to all coworkers.

Synchronize with Google, Outlook, and Apple calendars

Link your business calendar to any calendar tool and sync your events instantly.

Calendar for every opportunity

The number of calendars is not limited – each project, contract or team can have its own.

Personal calendar

The system automatically creates a dynamic calendar of all the events for each user and across all calendars – and allows you to better organize time and workers.

Integration into popular calendar apps

Sharing and integration of events into other calendar apps (Google, Apple etc.)

Automated notifications

Always have an overview thanks to the intelligent notifications – both on desktop and mobile.

Tools for team cooperation

Work together within a module and delegate the tasks with the overview of the changes and comments.

Daily, weekly, monthly

The calendar includes several types of views for orientation among larger number of events.