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Invoice with a few clicks.

Issue your invoices conveniently right inside Boost.space. All you have to do is enter a few basic details and you have an invoice with your logo ready to download.

Screenshot of the module Invoices

Part of the business process

Invoices are automatically linked to business process modules, so you can create an invoice, for example, directly inside the order.

Connection to the contact database

The connection to the contact database guarantees a perfect overview of issued invoices, issuing frequency, and financial metrics.

Invoice for products and services

You can attach products from the product database to the invoice and thus simplify and automate the entire process from ordering to delivery, including payment.

Simple exports

Accounting under control. With statuses, you always have an overview of which invoices are already entered into the accounting system and which are waiting.

Fast process

You don't have to spend valuable time on invoicing, you have an invoice issued and ready within a minute.


The billing system takes full advantage of system rights and roles in Boost.space. Determine which users have access to invoices and how they can work with them.