Data Management meets AI: Three AI-powered Features that changes how we think about Data & AI
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Speeding up the system


We’re gearing up for a significant performance overhaul at Our mission? To ensure that even as your data grows, your experience remains lightning fast and ultra-smooth.


Handling Hefty Data:

We’re optimizing our backend to ensure that whether you have 10 or 100k+ records, handles it with ease. No more waiting, just instant data access.

Performance Enhancements:

By refining our algorithms and infrastructure, we’re aiming to reduce load times, making every click, scroll, and search in faster than ever.

Scalability is Key: As your business grows, so does your data. We’re ensuring scales seamlessly with you, offering consistent performance regardless of data volume.

Efficiency Upgrades: It’s not just about speed; it’s about optimizing every aspect of the system. From database queries to UI interactions, we’re enhancing efficiency across the board.


Ready for the Future

While we’re still in the development phase, this speed boost is a testament to our commitment to delivering the best for our users. We’re excited to usher in a new era of performance for, ensuring that as your data needs expand, we’re right there with you, faster and more reliable than ever.

Published by Jirka Ratica

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