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Combining the power of a Cloud-based Database with an intuitive Integration Platform, we make it easy to streamline and enhance your workflows. Imagine the simplicity of Airtable fused with the connectivity of Zapier. Experience the future of no-code Data Management, today.

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Replaces Integration Platforms like...

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Take advantage of pre-made use cases with ready-to-use Flows and specific templates.

Built-in Engine
Built-in AI Engine

Let's get you out of this mess, shall we?

Why waste time connecting every tool to every other tool when you can just let them share the same dataset. Build your master data today!

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Built-in Engine
Built-in AI Engine

We've combined the uncombinable

Empower your Sales with ultimate onbound campaigns, improve your targeting and reduce Marketing costs, build ultimate product database and use AI to step up your Commerce game. Sky is the limit with SSOT compatible with almost 2,000 apps.

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Built-in Engine
Built-in AI Engine

Empower your tools to share same dataset. Easily. is a combination of cloud database and integration platform. Synchronize and unleash true power of your data by building single source of truth (SSOT).

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20. 5. 2024
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Unlock the full potential of your software development and IT operations by integrating GitLab with key tools and platforms. As a central hub for version control ...

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Coming soon AI Engine

State of art field mapping, data enrichment our of this world and AI-powered chat over your business data.

Included in all plans Coming in Q2 2024

Data Transformation

AI-powered templates that makes field mapping a breeze. Let our AI engine map fields of your tools to our data modules.

Scale & Enterprise Coming in Q3 2024

Data Enrichment

Enrich your dataset directly within data modules. Simply create new column and write prompt.

Enterprise Coming in Q4 2024

AI Assistant

Your new best friend. When it comes to data of course. Ask and get answers over your centralized data.

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