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Wohoo this has been a ride! Last week, we got nominated for Product Hunt’s Golden Kitty Award of 2023 in the Data & Data Security Category, and we came in an amazing second place! Thanks so much to everyone who supported us during this journey – it means the world to us. 💕 Has Been Awarded in the Golden Kitty Awards 2023!

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What Is Golden Kitty? Well…

For a SaaS or Startup founder – it’s almost like a Holy Grail. Something like an Oscar if you’re Leonardo DiCaprio (and if you are – well, hello there, Leo! 🤞🤩).

Best launches of the year compete in 18 categories:

How Did We Get In?

We launched in December last year, getting the bright spot of the Product of the Day with more than 1,100 upvotes. It’s been a rollercoaster of emotions throughout the whole day, but in the end, we dominated and placed #1 with a pretty solid pillow below our butts.

And We looked goood 🥰

product hunt product page

Are you planning a Product Hunt launch and want to see how it’s done? We focused on creating engaging content that would explain tools and tweaks in an easy-to-understand way, got ourselves a great hunter, filmed a remarkable video, and much more. We’ve written down everything you need to know in this article. Good luck!

Anyway – Back to the Nomination

So after our success at the end of last year, we asked ourselves, “Well, what is the next milestone?” and the answer came quickly.

We got nominated within the Golden Kitty Data & Data Security category, and we are competing with 9 other HUGE launches from the same category within the whole year of 2023. Amazing, right?!

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Playing Among the Big Guys

There are some major names among last year’s winners. Maybe some of these guys will sound familiar:

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