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By connecting Boost.space to your IT systems, you can gather all your data in one place, enhancing team collaboration, automating processes across applications, and enabling comprehensive data analysis. Quickly link LINE to numerous other applications effortlessly.

LINE is a multifaceted application that transcends simple messaging to become an integral part of daily communication and lifestyle management for its users, particularly popular in Japan, Taiwan, and Thailand.

Incorporating third-party integrations into LINE or any software project involves connecting with external APIs (Application Programming Interfaces) to extend functionality without building features from scratch. This can encompass a wide range of enhancements, from adding payment processing capabilities with LINE Pay to integrating health services through LINE Doctor. However, integrating third-party APIs comes with its challenges, including ensuring compatibility and maintaining data security. Successful integration requires careful planning, a deep understanding of the APIs involved, and potentially increased development costs due to the complexity of integrating diverse systems.

The adaptability and expansive nature of LINE, combined with the strategic approach to third-party integrations, underscore the importance of such platforms in today’s digital ecosystem. They not only facilitate seamless communication but also provide users with a comprehensive suite of services that cater to a wide array of needs and preferences.


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LINE Modules (17)

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Watch Events

Triggers when an event occurs on LINE bot messenger.

Leave a Group/Room

Leaves a group or room.

Get a Rich Menu

Gets the data of a specified rich menu only created by API.

Delete a Rich Menu

Deletes a rich menu.

Download a Message Attachment

Downloads the content of images, videos, audio, and files sent by users.

Get a Number of Followers

Returns the number of users who have added the LINE Official Account on or before a specified date.

Download a Rich Menu Image

Downloads an image associated with a rich menu only created by API.

Get a Group/Room Member Profile

Gets the user profile of a member of a group or room that the LINE Official Account is in.

Get a Number of Message Deliveries

Returns the number of messages sent from LINE Official Account on a specified day.

Send a Push Message

Sends a push message to a user, group, or room at any time.

Send a Notification

Sends notifications to users or groups from LINE Notify.

Send a Broadcast Message

Sends a broad message to multiple users at any time.

Create a Rich Menu

Creates a new rich menu.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Send a Reply Message

Sends a reply message in response to an event from a user, group, or room.

List Rich Menus

Retrieves a list of all rich menus only created by API.

List Group/Room Members

Retrieve a list of the user IDs of a group or room that the bot is in. (This feature is available only to verified or premium accounts.)

14 days trial
No credit card required