Introducing AI-Generated Sync Templates: Sync In & Sync Out Simpler Than Ever
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Discover how can change the way you work.

Save time, get better insights, create precise strategies and build complex data reports.

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Data synchronization made easy.

Simply choose what you want to synchronize. No coding, infinite possibilities.






Custom data

Collect and synchronize contacts in a few clicks.

Collect contacts across all platforms and and sync them up to whatever CRM or platform you need.

Use addons to enrich your centralized data

Choose from 20+ addons to expand from synchronization to centralized processes.


Instill more clarity in the process of the contract realization and bring them to a successful finish.

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Create contact or ordering forms on your web and e-mail and collect all the received answers in a connected database.

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Communicate and cooperate in teams and stay effective and have an overview even when working from the home office.

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Create and share calendars with an entire company, team or selected individuals.

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Work reports

Easily determine how much time employees spend on various tasks and projects and evaluate what profit they bring you.

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News monitor

Collect data from thousands of verified digital sources in a fast, automated way.

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Create a space where you and your coworkers can write your opinions, thoughts, or ideas.

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