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Make the process of contract realization more effective.

Instill more clarity in the process of the contract realization and bring them to a successful finish. The Contracts module follows up on the successful leads and provides their preparation and trouble-free completion.

Screenshot of the module Contracts

Gain control over the contract process

Planning and managing contracts no longer have to be hard work. From now on, you will have the entire process of the agreement under scrutiny, thanks to easy-to-use statuses and labels that will help you, among other things.

Manage each aspect of the contract

Every contract can include several attachments – base documentation, administrative data, or any concerning expenses and revenues.

Part of the sales process

Automated integration with the modules of the sales process, for example Business orders, Business opportunities, Business offers and Purchases.

Integration with stocks management

Automated integration with the stocks management to keep track of stocks, material and products.

Tools for team cooperation

Cooperate in a module and delegate tasks with the overview of changes and comments.

Integration with other modules

Automated integration with other modules within the, like Tasks, Calendars or Notes.