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Streamline your business processes by centralizing your Intercom data. connects to your IT tools and helps aggregate their data into central databases. Data centralization serves as the foundation for easy collaboration across teams, process automation across tools, and data analysis with a complete story.

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Intercom Triggers / Actions (51)

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Watch Events

Receives notifications for all events.

Delete a Contact

Deletes a contact.

Create or Update a Company

Creates or updates a company.

Open a Snoozed or Closed Conversation

Opens a snoozed or closed conversation.

Get the Authenticated User

Retrieves the authenticated user.

Get an Admin

Retrieves an admin.

Delete a Tag

Deletes a tag.

Create a Contact Note

Creates a note associated to a contact.

Get a Company

Retrieves a company.

Get a Contact

Retrieves a contact.

Get a Segment

Retrieves a segment.

Submit a Contact's Event

Submits a contact event.

Set an Admin as Away

Sets an admin on "away" for the inbox.

Create a Contact

Creates a new contact (user or lead).

Create an Admin Initiated Conversation

Creates a message for an in-app conversation or email conversation.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary authorized API call.

Update a Contact

Updates a contact.

Get a Contact's Note

Retrieves a note associated to a contact.

Create or Update a Tag

Creates or updates a tag.

Get a Conversation

Retrieves a conversation.

Close a Conversation

Closes a conversation.

Merge a Lead Into a User

Merges a lead into a user.

Reply to a Conversation

Replies to a conversation with a message on behalf of a contact or admin or with a note for admins.

Assign a Conversation

Assigns a conversation to an admin or team.

Create a Contact Initiated Conversation

Create a conversation initiated by a user or lead.

Snooze a Conversation

Snoozes a conversation to reopen on a future date.

Attach or Detach a Tag to/from a Contact

Attaches or detaches a tag from a user.

Mark a Conversation as Read

Marks a conversation as read.

Attach or Detach a Tag to/from a Company

Attaches or detaches a tag from a company.

Update a Conversation's Custom Attributes

Updates the custom attributes of a conversation.

Attach or Detach a Company to/from a Contact

Attaches or detaches a company from a user.

Attach or Detach a Tag to/from a Conversation

Attaches or detaches a tag from a conversation.

Create or Update a Data Attribute

Creates or updates a data attribute for contacts or companies.

List a Contact's Data Events

Retrieves a contact's events from the last 90 days.

Attach or Detach a Contact to/from a Conversation

Attaches or detaches a contact from a conversation.

List Tags

Retrieves all your tags.

List a Contact's Notes

Retrieves all notes associated to a contact.

List Admins

Retrieves all your admins.

List Contacts

Retrieves all your contacts (users and leads).

List Segments

Retrieves all your segments.

List Companies

Retrieves all companies with associated users.

List a Contact's Tags

Retrieves the list of tags associated to a contact.

List Activity Logs

Retrieves a log of activities by all admins.

List Conversations

Retrieves all your conversations.

List Data Attributes

Retrieves the data attributes of the contact or company entity.

List a Company's Contacts

Retrieves all contacts attached to a company.

List a Company's Segments

Retrieves all segments that belong to a company.

List a Contact's Segments

Retrieves all segments that belong to a contact.

List Companies (Large Datasets)

Retrieves all companies. This module is a variant of the List Companies module and is intended for large datasets.

List a Contact's Companies

Retrieves the list of companies associated to a contact.

Search for a Conversation

Searches for conversations matching a query.

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