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2023 in

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Wow, this year. 2023 ha been a wild, exciting and intense ride. From groundbreaking achievements to significant partnerships, this year has been a testament to our team’s hard work, follower support, innovation, and commitment.

2023 in

Rebranding & Releasing Version 3.0

Embracing change and innovation, we embraced a new identity, giving our baby a slayer shape, and released version 3.0. This new version brought enhanced features and improved usability by simplifying the integration flow, allowing our users to set up data sync in just a few clicks, aligning with our vision of seamless data synchronization.

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Amazon’s Recognition

Our efforts were acknowledged as we were featured in Vestbee’s ‘Top 10 Startups of the Month’ and selected as one of the Top 10 global startups during Amazon’s prestigious Accelerator Program. Chosen from a pool of over 1,000 applicants, stood out as the only startup representing the heart of Europe – the Czech Republic. This program, aimed at empowering startups, provided us with Amazon’s cutting-edge technology, invaluable mentorship, and, most importantly, opportunities to collaborate with Amazon’s wide network of clients and partners. Our journey in the program, including attending webinars on customer journey strategy and customer activation, culminated in us being shortlisted among the Top 60 global startups before making it to the final Top 10

Becoming a Key Partner of Make

Though Make has been our partner in crime for quite some time, this year, we’ve entered a new chapter of our relationship. Reaching the highest type of’ partnership was a significant milestone, opening new avenues for collaboration and innovation, sending among the elite of renowned industry players such as Airtable, Shopify, Google, Meta, LinkedIn, Hubspot, Bubble, Monday, Clickup, and others.

Nominated for Křištalová lupa

A proud and quite unexpected moment for the entire team was the nomination for Křišťálová lupa, the Czech internet award, in the “Young Blood Category.” Although we didn’t win, we are super grateful our company got the nomination, as these awards are well known in the small Czech Shire.

Integration with Zapier

Expanding our integration capabilities, we successfully integrated with Zapier. This allowed us to offer even more flexibility and efficiency to our clients in managing their workflows.

Triumph at Škoda X Day

In November, has won the Škoda X-Day competition. We entered the contest, hosted by Škoda X, with our innovative technology solutions, specifically tailored for their B2B Sales Tools category. Our proposal, focusing on CRM optimization and partner network expansion, resonated strongly with the judges. This achievement is a testament to’s expertise in creating impactful, bespoke tech solutions for industry leaders.

Became The Product on Product Hunt

We ended 2023 with a successful Product Hunt Launch. Thanks to long preparations, a strong work ethic, and the help of our colleagues and community, we not only won the Product of the Day but also placed among the Top 5 Products of the Week. We broke down our Product Hunt journey in a separate article.

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Excited for What Lies Ahead

Looking back at the incredible year we’ve had, we’re extremely grateful for the relentless dedication of our team and the steadfast support of our community. It’s your enthusiasm and belief in our vision that fuels our progress. Every one of you plays a key role in this journey, and we can’t wait to see what we can achieve together.

Join us on this ride as we step forward into new challenges and opportunities.

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Published by Liesbeth Bronsema

Marketing & Community Manager