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Featured NewsNews has been chosen as one of the top 10 startups in 2023 Amazon’s prestigious accelerator program (AWS)! Selected as a Top 10 Global Startup for Amazon’s Accelerator Program

It’s been couple of weeks since we got selected from an overwhelming pool of 1,000 global applicants to participate in Amazon’s Accelerator Program.

For those who are not familiar, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Accelerator Program is a meticulously crafted initiative that seeks to empower startups by providing them with the resources they need to scale up their businesses. The program equips startups with the best of Amazon’s technology, mentorship, and most importantly, the chance to collaborate with Amazon’s extensive network of clients and partners.

We made it to the TOP 60, but…

We got shortlisted and landed on final list of 60 global startups. Mostly located within USA or UK. was the only startup representing straight from the hearth of Europe – Czech Republic ♥️

As we attended series of webinars on topics like “How to Build a Full-lifecycle Customer Journey Strategy” or “Best strategies for Customer Activation and Retention” we had some time to finish our Pitch Deck and 3m Pitch Video to enter tie final round.

We can’t really share the pitch deck, but hey – You can’t live without seeing our Founder & CEO Tadeas Marek in action.

Then we got into the winning TOP 10!

Yep, you got that right – was selected as TOP 10 on a global scale 👀

A big thank you to the AWS team for this opportunity, and to Matouš, our fearless CMO, who nailed it. We take this as an opportunity to showcase the phenomenal work we’ve been doing, and we’re eager to introduce our innovative solutions to the world.

And last but not least – we’ve made some friends. See for yourself…

Privasee is a SaaS that automates GDPR Compliance for SMEs. They specialise in closing deals for B2B SaaS companies that want to close deals with Enterprise and Mid-market companies.

Datafy is an analytics platform that helps companies grow faster and more profitably through AI-powered insights. Our platform allows customers to easily integrate their marketing, sales, and product data into a single view, and then leverage advanced analytics to make data-driven decisions.

Gaston is a multi-awards winning, highly intelligent food personalisation engine focussing on boosting health and wellbeing. We use power of data and AI based suggestive food search embedded in every food and recipe recommendations you can imagine to build highly personalised food maps.

Myneral helps businesses of any size prove where their products come from, how they are made and how sustainable they are, using the blockchain. We then allow you to share these metrics with downstream and end-customers alike, allowing you to leverage provenance and sustainability as marketing. Answer questions relating to authenticity, sustainability, process and more by simply sharing a link!

Bitskout is a software platform where team can “hire” A.I. for their back-offices tasks. Using a simple UI users can create plugins that read and extract data from any document or email and write it to their tools. This way you can get extra day per week for meaningful work.

Coplug is a location data analytics SaaS business. Our product Sidm Systems provides timely, targeted and accurate insights to unlock complex decisions in planning of places, services and infrastructure.

Givver is the People Operating System dedicated to changing how SMEs onboard, manage and pay their international Teams. No more juggling multiple systems or drowning in spreadsheets. No more reminders to complete admin tasks, no more payroll cut-off dates. Givver has created a better way to run business operations that is both efficient and effective.

Ethora is a “super app” engine that allows startups and businesses to create their mobile and web apps in no time. It is packed with web2 (social sign on, chat, push notifications) and web3 features (smart contracts, digital collectibles, p2p rewards) for your digital community to flourish.

Medley is the platform to manage and measure online communities. We allow companies and creators to align their community through micro incentivsed tasks and understand their users granuarly with our real time analytics.

qaTT is an AI monitoring technology that helps DevOps and the engineering team to detect product issues faster and accurately using AI technology. we provide the team single platform with all the ongoing incidents and how to resolve them.

Cyscale is a leading European cloud security company whose mission is to develop the best protection capabilities against cloud threats and help companies secure their cloud-native apps and data. The company provides contextual security and advanced threat analysis, enabling operational cybersecurity teams and cloud professionals to fight cyber threats. Companies and partners today trust our vision and strategy for a more secure cloud environment.”

TestInt is a no-code data augmentation & AI testing platform specialized for computer vision problems. TestInt’s data augmentation feature allows to change weather/light conditions synthetically, add realistic objects to images, and simulate potential perturbations. TestInt also analyzes AI models, detects their weaknesses, and prepares a detailed test report. TestInt aims to enhance the reliability of visual perception mechanisms in automotive and drone applications.

CodeMonk is an online dashbord for companies to find gaps in their existing tech teams and hire vetted Developers, Data Scientists, Designers, Product Managers, DevOps Engineers and more on a flexible basis for accelerate product development.

Published by Matous Králík

Chief Marketing Officer