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Škoda X Day:’s Journey to Victory

Two months ago, our team came across a competition “Škoda X-Day” held by a subsidiary of SKODA Auto – Škoda X, in which they were looking for innovative tech solutions for their projects. We were impressed by what Škoda X is trying to accomplish and decided to take our chances. And, guess what – we won.

Škoda X Day:’s Journey to Victory

What Exactly is Škoda X?

Škoda X, established in 2017 as Škoda Auto DigiLab, serves as Škoda Auto’s center for digital innovation, focusing on developing and implementing new digital services and technologies for vehicle infotainment and mobile applications. Headquartered in Prague and active across Europe, it offers services like Pay to Park and HoppyGo, aiming to enhance Škoda’s customer experience and transform mobility.

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Who Are We? is a no-code cloud platform enabling businesses to synchronize data across all connected tools (choose from more than1,700!) and platforms, allowing them to set up automations. It standardizes data from all channels into a unified format and consolidates it into a master database from where all tools can be managed centrally and synchronously.

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The Course of the Competition

Škoda X launched this competition in an effort to take their innovative services to the next level using progressive tech solutions in several areas. Among Škoda X Day topics like Artificial Inteligence, the Internet of Things, Data Utilisation, and others, we participated in the “B2B Sales Tools” category, with the help of which Škoda was looking for a solution optimizing CRM processes and expanding partner outreach.

The Entry Round

In the first round, we submitted a short PPT presentation according to the assignment. Given the fact that our product is quite complex and complicated to grasp at first glance, we put our heads together and crafted a brief, simple but aesthetically pleasing presentation of a Škoda-personalized solution that at the same time served as a mere sneak peek of the myriad of automation possibilities can Škoda X provide with.

The first round didn’t involve a vocal presentation, so we created the PPT presentation as self-explanatory. To achieve this, we composed narrative graphics that clearly expressed our proposal and complemented them with thoughtful and powerful captions that further developed the meaning of the images.

This is What Our Presentation for Škoda X Looked Like

skoda x day skoda x day skoda x day


Pitching Our Proposal as One of the Advancing Projects

Our initial presentation was a hit, propelling us into the top 10.

In the final round, we had to delve deeper into our solution for the “B2B Sales Tools” category, particularly focusing on the “Offers” service and CRM. We were asked to hand in a PPT presentation that would describe the more detailed solution of the selected related topic and challenged to answer the following questions:

  1. How can the solution help to further improve the performance of this product?
  2. How do generating and personalized offers creation work in our solution?

This time, general information about the company was to be left out, and the presentation was to be presented in Skoda X’s Prague HQ in front of the committee.

Developing the final pitch was challenging. Our CEO, Tadeas, believed in our broader potential with Škoda. But we stayed on track, focusing on CRM and Offers according to the instructions, confident in Tadeas’ ability to engage the committee and get himself time to address the topics that he considered important afterward.

skoda x day,

That’s why in this second presentation, we created a truly personalized solution. For Škoda X, platform would operate as a Single Source of Truth, allowing the company to:

    • Streamline business processes – By creating a Master cloud database of deals, contracts, purchases, etc., syncing data across 1,700+ cloud tools.
    • Connect Škoda with partner network – By building a place where processes and partners meet a standardized workflow.
    • Standardize data and unleash the power of AI – Of course, we tackled AI, as it will be implemented into next year! Stay tuned and get ready for a new way of getting relevant insights and automated data enrichment.
    • Automate cross-platform data synchronization – Thanks to setting up personalized marketing campaigns and establishing effective communication with clients based on their behavior.

skoda x day

skoda x day

The Winning Chapter

The effort we put in developing a solution for Škoda X during the competition was not only about winning the contest.

Though thinking outside the box is quite normal for our team, during this time, we were able to enter a whole new journey of innovation and bold thinking. We tackled the challenge head-on, using our tech know-how and creativity to craft a solution that not only fit Škoda’s needs but also highlighted what is all about. More than on the prize, we focused on moving forward, breaking new ground, and discovering that the path to digital transformation can be a truly exciting adventure!

What I’m trying to say here is that not only our tech, graphic, communication, or marketing skillz have led us to the victory – the attitude we chose to take up played a crucial role as well. 

2023 has been a wild and amazing journey for all of us at, with the recent months being especially memorable. Looking ahead, we’re just as pumped for what’s coming next year. So, stick around – we’ve got some really big stuff in the works!

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Published by Liesbeth Bronsema

Marketing & Community Manager