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Integration with the Dotykačka POS system

Connect your separate Dotykačka clouds into one centralised system. You no longer need to have several separate databases of products, orders or warehouses, with Boost.space you have one centralised, organised and secure database.
Hierarchy view opens up your company data to new possibilities.


Share your product portfolio across branches and checkouts.

In Boost.space, you can create one central database of products and share this unique database with an unlimited number of Dotykačka clouds and their checkouts. You can synchronize product changes like its price, discounts and other information. This way you always have up-to-date information at all branches, without routine work and errors.


Connect your physical checkouts with your e-shops

It is essential to have physical sales linked to e-commerce sales in today’s world. With Boost.space’s central databases and simple integration with third-party tools, you can easily create an omnichannel solution that connects physical sales with sales from an unlimited number of e-stores. Use databases of products, stock, orders or contacts inside all your sales channels. This eliminates data chaos due to outdated information and increases efficiency in your sales processes.

Centralize your business data and processes in one place and open up new possibilities for your company.
Explore powerful warehouse management system inside centralisation and automation platform

Warehouse management

Warehouse synchronisation has never been easier

Inventory management and optimization are essential processes for effective business management. However, inventory cannot be managed efficiently with several cash registers (branches) and an e-commerce solution. Manage your inventory from an easy-to-use inventory management system that can draw information from an unlimited number of checkouts or e-shop locations. All this with an emphasis on clarity and detailed rights settings.

In Boost.space, you can manage stock cards, receipts, dispatches, transfers, or purchases.


Linking Dotykačka and Boost.space in practice

In Boost.space, a central database of products, contacts (CRM), purchases, stock and much more is created. These databases are easily paired with individual Remote Touch administrations (e.g. multiple branches) and e-shops. When your customer subsequently purchases goods, this information is automatically synchronized with the Boost.space system. In addition, it is also synchronized with all your branches, e-shops and integrated tools.


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