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Digital platform for the entire company

Aggregate data from your IT tools and build graphs and dashboards to gain a holistic overview of your business.
Combined data opens the door to deep analysis with the complete story. Flexible modeling of integrated data allows you to create comprehensive reports and interactive real-time charts.
Integration and subsequent data centralization is an easy process that will help you initially, for example, automate your to-do lists, orders or lead generation, and gradually create a unique platform that align all your teams and departments.


Centralise and enrich company data from all your IT tools

More than 65% of companies use over 20 cloud tools. This creates data chaos; for example, where should an employee create a new contact? In a newsletter tool, CRM, marketing tool, or somewhere else? And what if that contact needs to be changed?

Boost.space integrates all your data into one place where you can work with it and then push changes to your favorite tools automatically and effortlessly.


Discover the power of your data and deliver better results

Your company generates a vast amount of essential data every day, yet this data is often locked away in your tools. With Boost.space, you can connect this data and discover its full story to make data-based decisions.

Centralised data means simple automation, easy management, and accurate analytics – consistent data make consistent decisions.

Centralize data from more than 1100+ tools and your internal systems - CRM, Marketing, E-Commerce, Helpdesk, Payments, Web forms, Collaboration and so much more. Access the data you need, when you need it. Faster than ever.


n most cases, you and your employees are trying to be as efficient as you can, within the possibilities, but what if you can push those possibilities? With automation, you’re opening new doors for both the data and each individual employee. From now on you can have enriched, unified and always up-to-date data in all your tools.


Automate processes across your tools with our no-code builder

Boost.space, along with integrations, enables you to automate the workflows you do every day across your tools. Just set triggers and conditions for what happens when this happens, and our engine will take care of the rest.

Every automated process means saved time for you or your employees.


Do you have specific requirements? Great!

Boost.space is a flexible and adaptable system that offers you a unique and tailor-made solution. The system’s scalability also allows you to centralize teams and processes agilely based on your current needs.

Designed to be easy to use and no-code.

Menu editor for your custom data centralisation and automation


Get a head start with ready-made modules or create custom ones


Boost.space is platform that brings it all together

Expand your capabilities with our building blocks.

Integrations (1400+)

Use our codeless and visual builder to integrate data from all your favorite tools to unify company data into one central platform.

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