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Have stocks under control.

Start using a modern, adaptable and scalable application for efficient management of warehouse processes.

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Unlimited number of warehouses and no more mistakes

Modern online warehouse management software focused on accuracy, increasing employee productivity, and reducing their error rate. Benefit from reduced labor costs, warehouse operating costs, and shipping errors.

Discover total overview and traceability of inventory

Warehouse Management Software contains everything you will ever need – stock cards, items, purchases, receipts, reservations, transfers, moves, inventory, and issues.

Fully integrated with product database

Thanks to the broad support of connecting to your e-shop, Products module, or ERP, you can easily update your stock levels and forecast stock quantities based on sales orders.

Automatically connected with module Contacts and Boost.space

Discover a new path to fully functional warehouse management. Connect it with the whole company and gain control over all processes that are directly and indirectly related to warehouses and warehouse management.

Complete stocks management

Stocks cards, items, receipt cards, issue slips, transfer entries, purchases, reservations, inventories, stock movements.

Unlimited stocks number

Use unlimited number of stocks in the module.

Integration with other Boost.space modules

Automated integration with other modules within the Boost.space, like Contacts, Business orders, Products, Charts and others.

Stocks movements and detailed records

All the stocks modules include detailed information about changes done by individual users, like purchasing, receiving, moving or shipping of goods.

Integration with the Products module

Automated connection with Products module for managing the stocks of individual products.