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Automated collection of invoices and receipts

Automate the collection of invoices and receipts from many sources and send them to your accounting tool.
Data centralisation and integration for your accounting tools with automation platform
We have prepared more than 20 modules such as tasks, payments, orders, modules and many more. You can also create your own modules to create a unique and completely flexible company system.


Connect your business tools with over 1100+ integrations

Do you sell in brick-and-mortar stores, have multiple e-shops, or sell 1-on-1, door-to-door, or via call centers? No problem, Boost.space can integrate with your favorite business tools so you can manage your business data in one central location.

Change your productivity – without changing your operations.

Business orders

A central database of orders from e-shop and physical cash registers

Boost.space changes the approach to online and offline sales; manage one aggregation database to/from which all your stores and e-shops send/draw data. Complete and consistent data will reveal the weaknesses of your business processes.

Imagine having a real-time overview of all your product sales from all your stores and e-shops. With Boost.space, it’s a reality.

Integrate orders from any source into your accouting tool


Integrate all your payments into one central cloud and manage it centrally


Don’t carry receipts in your pocket; keep them neatly stored in the cloud

Collection of receipts, online purchases, and other customer-supplier interactions are items that cannot be missed in accounting. Create a database of purchases where you can import your online purchases and receipts, so they never get lost again.

Your accountant will love you.


Accounting data should not only be used in accounting

Each day, your company generates data that has infinite potential to streamline your business processes and optimize your overall purchasing of goods and services. With Boost.analytics, you and your salespeople have the ability to analyze business data and make quality decisions based on it without assumptions.

Connect any other company data from your favorite tools to create a unique data analysis to optimize your business processes.

Use centralised data inside powerful analytical module of Boost.space centralisation platform


Get a head start with ready-made modules or create custom ones


Boost.space is platform that brings it all together

Expand your capabilities with our building blocks.

Integrations (1400+)

Use our codeless and visual builder to integrate data from all your favorite tools to unify company data into one central platform.

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