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Centralize & Sync

Imagine a world where you can manage and automate your data on a single platform. is that world, combining a cloud master database and integration platform in one. It's as if Zapier and Airtable had a baby and named it Weird, but undeniably catchy, right?

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The new standard of data synchronization

Why waste time connecting every tool to every other tool when you can just let them share the same dataset. Build your master data!

Most popular Flows

Not sure where to start? We've got your back. Utilize our pre-made flows, which provide step-by-step guides to help you seamlessly sync your data and step up your data game.

Synchronize anything with a few clicks

But how? It's never that easy, right? Our pre-made databases provide a standardized database structure for all our integration templates. So as soon as you save data into one of pre-made databases, it can be used by hundereds of pre-made integration templates. In minutes. Literally.

Data synchronization made easy.

Simply choose what you want to synchronize. No coding, infinite possibilities.






Custom data

Collect and synchronize contacts in a few clicks.

Collect contacts across all platforms and and sync them up to whatever CRM or platform you need.

Centralize for productivity and profit

Save tons of time and money

Save tons of time and money

Centralize data, keep them synced and eliminate manual work and human errors.

Unlock true power of your data

Unlock true power of your data

Combine data and empower all your tools by building single source of truth.

Centralize data for better decisions

Centralize data for better decisions

Make the right decisions when it comes to short or long-term strategy. Get the bigger picture.

Improved data security

Make profit... It's just that simple.

Unlock the true potential of your business with centralized data and remember - keep it synced!

2021 study: Effective data usage makes orgs 5x faster and 4x better at decision-making. Centralizing data improves accessibility and analysis. Act now!