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Plan company purchases in an effective way.

The purchasing process of materials and goods in the simplest form, from demand to takeover, every aspect of the purchasing process.

Screenshot of the module Purchases

Improve your purchase processes

Use data analysis to create forecasts of the supply of the goods and optimize your storage capacities.

Integration with the contact database

Automated module integration to the contact database allows you to get a detailed overview of purchasers and suppliers – e.g., information about current purchases, paid orders, or late or uncompleted contracts.

Protect yourself from mistakes

Turn your purchasing processes into transparent, easy to manage tasks. It allows you to closely inspect every purchase and find any possible irregularities or mistakes.

Receive automated notifications

For the purchase process to avoid any problems, its management is connected to automated notifications (e.g., when the goods are received in storage). Purchasers and other authorized personnel will have the purchase under total control.

Part of the sales process

Automated integration with the modules of the sales process, for example Business orders, Business opportunities, Business offers and Purchases.

Statuses and automated actions

The complex overview of the whole purchase using system and user-defined statuses and connected automated actions.

Tools for team cooperation

Cooperate in a module and delegate tasks with the overview of changes and comments.

Integration with stocks management

Automatic integration with stocks management for easy receiving of goods.

Integration with other modules

Automated integration with other modules within the, like Contacts or Products.