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Build and Segment Contacts for Mailchimp Based on Interaction History

Take your email marketing campaigns to the next level. Build highly targeted and personalized email lists in Mailchimp based on your contacts' interaction history. Deliver personalized, impactful messages that drive results and boost your business's growth.

Collect and manage data according to your needs

Centralize for hyper-personalization

With, you can segment your contacts in Mailchimp based on their specific interactions, such as purchases, support tickets, or website activity.

Send highly personalized and relevant content to different segments, maximizing engagement and conversion rates.

Customize fields to include various types of information, such as text, numbers, addresses, dates, etc., and utilize data according to your requirements.

Get the most out of targeted campaigns

Create targeted email campaigns that resonate with each segment through leveraging interaction history. Whether you want to re-engage inactive customers, reward loyal clients, or upsell to recent buyers, empowers you to tailor your messaging and offers accordingly.

Higher engagement, increased conversions, and ultimately, more revenue for your business.

Integration and subsequent data centralization is an easy process that will help you initially, for example, automate your to-do lists, orders or lead generation, and gradually create a unique platform that align all your teams and departments.
Combined data opens the door to deep analysis with the complete story. Flexible modeling of integrated data allows you to create comprehensive reports and interactive real-time charts.

Bring all your data under one roof

Streamline your workflow to save resources and keep your data up-to-date

Rather than manually exporting and importing data from various tools into Mailchimp, automates the process for you. Make sure your contact lists are always synchronized and accurate.

By centralizing your contact data in, any updates or changes made in your CRM, customer support, or other tools automatically reflect in Mailchimp. Like that,  your email lists are always up to date and accurately reflect your contacts’ interaction history.

Variety of functions to create a space just for you.

Adjust your desktop menu, create automations around your data, choose from selection of pre-made UI color sets or simply create your own. Oh, and is obviously fully responsive, so feel free to control everything within your mobile or tablet device.

1800+ integrations

Use our codeless and visual builder to integrate data from all your favorite tools to unify company data into one central platform.

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Data management

Once you have your data centralized in, you can manage it, unify it, automate it, analyze it, and then send it enriched into your favorite tools.

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Automate workflows across multiple applications in minutes and be more efficient across all departments, from marketing and development to project management and sales.

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Menu editor

Build a cloud-based company platform and share any company data, documents, charts, reports or online tools with an unlimited number of teams and centralise the entire company workflow in one place.

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Mobile and desktop app

Plan, organize and collaborate with your colleagues from anywhere. With the application, you have all the modules and company tools always at hand with one click.

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