Data Visualisation

Make the right decisions at the right time! With Boost.space, you can use company data from various sources, combine and compare them, turn them into interactive graphs or dashboards and share them with colleagues. Make decisions based on data!

Make data-based decisions!

Compare, for example, website statistics with real revenues and find out how closely they are tied to each other. Combine the data from accounting software with CRM data and find out the real costs of recent orders.

We will help you with the set-up, create interactive dashboards for you and show you how you can easily utilize the strength of your data to develop your business further.


Business Opportunities

Centrepoint of sales tools

Create an opportunity, connect it to the client, add leads, offers and orders. Upload files and contracts and use Boost.space sales tools which will help you close the deal.

Offers and orders

Get the most out of good situation

Our offers will help you keep better track of your sales process and help you to get the most out of each inquiry. The Orders module will help you take care of completing and delivering your orders. Integrate this module with Boost.space CRM, your eshop or ERP system and track all your orders in one place.


Base of every business

Employees and suppliers are the foundation of any company. The Contacts database will help you keep track of them, save any information and files to them, and work with them further.

Other modules

Company calendar

Share every event

Boost.space manages connected calendars for each user, team and project.



Projects will help you communicate, cooperate and share anything with a selected team.

Cloud storage

Save and share

Have all the files in one place with the option of direct sharing or synchronizating selected folders.

To-Do lists

Manage your tasks

Use advanced tools for creating and sharing tasks, thus enhancing your company’s productivity.


Improve your communication

Use the advantages of company chat, discuss projects and share the information with your clients.


Digitize and share notes

Throw away those post-it notes from computer displays and fridges! Share, comment or add attachments.

Where is Boost.space working already?

Read stories from companies who have already enhanced their business with Boost.space.