What's new in Boost.space

Basic system layout and user roles


In this video, our AI Anna explains the basic layout of the system. What the difference between user roles and how to set up access to each item. Our Boost.space modules work on the same principle so once Anna shows you a few basic rules, you'll become an expert on the whole platform... read more

Menu editor


The system's home screen is like a cloud desktop for you and your team. You can add internal modules and folders or use the screen to add external links and applications. Or to create private sections for your internal teams and clients. It will become a central point for your colleagues to orient themselves in the cloud... read more

Installing modules and making them available


Boost.space is modular, so it can adapt to the needs of your business. Choose what modules you want to install and connect them to your other tools through integrations. All modules work independently or can be complemented with other modules and together cover complex processes. Thanks to the modular concept, you can introduce Boost.space module by module and its complexity can grow with your company... read more