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Boost your sales with data synchronization

Seamlessly synchronize and enrich sales data across Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Google and other sales tools to instantly increase sales and marketing results. Speed up your pipelines, close deals faster, increase conversions, and boost your long-term results.

Connect, Centralize and Synchronize Leads

Boost your CRM through Contact Synchronization

Synchronize your leads from all touchpoints and manage them in one place. Build your single source of truth for all your contacts-related work. allows you to automatically sync your Facebook Lead Ads, Linkedin Lead Ads or Google Ads  with your CRM (e.g. HubSpot, Salesforce, Zoho and many more). Make sure all new leads are captured and nurtured. With this automation, you can eliminate manual data entry and ensure that your sales team has access to the latest contact information.

Boost your lead generation and sales productivity by automating this process with

Data Consolidation & API Token Prioritization

Set a priority to each data source

With API Token Prioritization, you can prioritize what integrations can overwrite each other’s data and save it to the central shared database.



Automate processes across your tools with our no-code builder, along with integrations, enables you to automate the workflows you do every day across your tools. Just set triggers and conditions for what happens when this happens, and our engine will take care of the rest.

Every automated process means saved time for you or your employees.

Variety of functions to create a space just for you.

Adjust your desktop menu, create automations around your data, choose from selection of pre-made UI color sets or simply create your own. Oh, and is obviously fully responsive, so feel free to control everything within your mobile or tablet device.

1800+ integrations

Use our codeless and visual builder to integrate data from all your favorite tools to unify company data into one central platform.

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Data management

Once you have your data centralized in, you can manage it, unify it, automate it, analyze it, and then send it enriched into your favorite tools.

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Automate workflows across multiple applications in minutes and be more efficient across all departments, from marketing and development to project management and sales.

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Menu editor

Build a cloud-based company platform and share any company data, documents, charts, reports or online tools with an unlimited number of teams and centralise the entire company workflow in one place.

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Mobile and desktop app

Plan, organize and collaborate with your colleagues from anywhere. With the application, you have all the modules and company tools always at hand with one click.

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