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Optimize your operational workflows by unifying your Bland AI data. links up with your existing IT infrastructure, pooling their data into a singular, centralized database. This central hub of information underpins effortless team collaboration, enables across-the-board process automation, and supports comprehensive data analytics for a full-fledged insight.

Easily connect Bland AI to a vast range of applications with just a few clicks for an integrated, efficient system.

What is Bland AI

Bland AI represents a robust infrastructure specifically designed to facilitate the creation and scaling of AI-driven phone calling applications. It provides developers and businesses with the necessary tools, APIs, and resources to efficiently develop, deploy, and manage sophisticated AI systems capable of handling complex voice interactions. By leveraging Bland, organizations can create personalized, intelligent phone experiences that can scale according to demand, ensuring seamless communication capabilities.

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Bland AI Modules (12)

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Watch Incoming Phone Calls

Triggers when an incoming phone call has finished.

Watch Outbound Phone Calls

Triggers when an outbound phone call has finished.

Analyze a Call

Analyzes a call based on questions and goals.

Get Audio Recording

Retrieves the call's audio file, if it exists.

Get Batch Details

Returns details about a batch call.

Get Call Details

Retrieves detailed information and the transcript of a call.

Make an API Call

Makes an arbitrary authorized API Call.

Send a Batch of Calls

Sends multiple calls with one single operation.

Send a Call

Sends an AI phone call.

Stop Active Call

Stops an active call.

List Calls

Returns a list of calls.

List Voices

Returns a list of available voices.

14 days trial
No credit card required