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Cloudonix Modules (26)

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Watch New Call Details Report

A HTTP Endpoint for processing CDR records reported by Cloudonix.

Watch New Voice Application Request [Detached]

A Detached Voice Application is a CXML application that is served remotely, and is not available in the Cloudonix cockpit. External Voice Applications are used for executing call flows, that are not directly invoked via a DNID.

Watch New Voice Application Request [Attached]

An Attached Voice Application is a CXML application that is defined for immediate access inside Cloudonix. A Connected Voice Application will appear in the Cloudonix cockpit - and should have a DNID number (at least one) assigned to it.

Watch Session Update Event

A URL to receive session update notifications if no session callback is specified on a session being updated.

[CXML] Make a call

Make a call to an external phone number (via a connected carrier trunk), a directly connected subscriber or a conference call.

[CXML] Say Something (Text-To-Speech)

Say something using Text-To-Speech, then transfer control to a new voice application endpoint.

[CXML] Reject Call

Reject a call with a specific reason.

[CXML] Transfer Control

Transfer control over the current call to a new voice application URL.

[CXML] Record a Message

Record an audio message from the connected call.

[CXML] Play Remote Audio

Playback a remote audio file (either MP3 or WAV). After the playback, call control can be passed to a new application.

[CXML] Pause

Pause the call for a preset time, then transfer control to a new voice application endpoint.

[CXML] Hangup Call

Hangup the currently connected call.

[CXML] Gather Input

Gather input from a connected call, using the phone keypad (DTMF Input Tones). After input is received, transfer call flow to a new application.

[CXML] Custom CXML

Return a custom CXML document, based on the CXML language. Additional information can be obtained at

[CXML] Connect to Conference

Start a new conference call, or connect to an existing one. Conference calls are dynamically created.

Switch Voice Application

Switch a currently connected call from its current voice application to a new one.

Store Session Data

Store free formed data in the session object. Stored information will be reported in subsequent requests and CDR events.

Make Call and Do Something Smart

Makes a call to a remote destination or a Cloudonix subscriber, then does something smart with the connected call.

Terminate Active Call

Terminate (disconnect) a currently active call, identified by a session token.

Make an API Call

Performs an arbitrary Cloudonix REST API call. Refer to [Cloudonix REST API]( for more information.

[CXML] Voice Application Response

Render the voice application for processing.

Get Premium Voices

Get a list of supported premium text-to-speech voices.

Get Attached Voice Applications

Get a list of domain attached voice applications.

Get Active Sessions

Get a list of currently connected or new sessions.

Get Subscribers

Get a list of domain subscribers.

Get Trunks

Get a list of domain trunks.

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