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What’s New: Release version 3.5.0

What’s up Boosters 🚀 Time flies when you’re having fun! You didn’t think we were chilling this summer, right! Oh no, we’ve been hard at work enhancing and boosting our game. Ready to explore some fine improvements? 🛠️🌟 Everything about a few of the latest updates in the article below.

What’s New: Release version 3.5.0

🔗 Integrator

Creating integrations

  • Added recommended custom field groups for each module and displayed a green checkbox when connected
  • Fixed a bug when the “Easy integration” template could not be clicked
  • If an integration does not offer any pre-mapped templates, the system does not display “super easy integration” for it

🧩 Modules 

Custom field groups

  • Fixed bug when creating a space and connecting a group of custom fields into a specific position (e.g., in a new tab), where this option was not reflected in the space settings

Space user roles

  • Fixed a bug for a system admin who could not set the “Everyone” group as the owner of a space

Stock items

  • Fixed a bug when creating a stock card (through a stock item) – the option to “Create a new stock card” appeared on many lines instead of one
  • Fixed application crash in the Stock items module

Table view

  • In the table view in modules, when enabling the “Data flow” function, we added a function to the “New import scenario” button that will directly open the creation of a new integration
  • Added a “+” button to the bottom right corner of the spreadsheet, which offers the option to create a new import or export of data and takes the user to “Connect” or “Share” view
  • Added a new “conditional colouring” function, which allows to highlight either individual items or whole rows in the table view when a condition occurs based on the user’s choice – e.g., it is possible to highlight all items starting or ending with a specified letter, to find identical data, or to highlight empty rows; the user has the option to choose between two system highlight colours or to choose a custom colour


  • Scenario view – correcting an incorrect sorting of integration scenarios in the tabular view of individual modules
  • Added option for the user to set a column for each space key also when creating a new integration; it is possible to change this setting during each integration step


  • Fixed the display of icons in charts


  • Fixed a bug where it was not possible to switch to the “Connect”, “Share,” or “Consolidate” view in the Notes module

Consolidate view

  • Hid “Column keys” and “Field name” columns in consolidate view and moved these options to table settings

Warehouses, Purchases, and Business orders

  • New connection of the issue from an order with the issue from a stock request
  • New connection of the receipt from the purchase order with the receipt from the stock request
  • New field in the order detail that displays how many items have already been picked or stocked
  • When creating a warehouse requirement from an order, the user will see the order in the “required for” column; fixed whispering of the correct number remaining when reissuing a partial order + correction of whispering of the correct number when restocking a stock request


  • Fixed displaying/hiding of custom field group columns in the table view of forms and inquiries


  • Fixed adding and saving additional information to a contact

⚙️ System & Settings


  • Added enhanced functionality for the “integrator” button in the bottom right corner of the main desktop. There will now be options to: create new integration (takes the user to the module of their choice in the “Connect” tab), API keys, and enter integrator.
  • Added color animations to the “upgrade” buttons on the main desktop during the trial version of the system
  • Fixed the counting of operations performed in the system (operation count is automatically updated daily) + added the possibility to update this count manually whenever the user needs to (added to the main desktop as well as to the system settings)

Design changes across the system

  • Unified line size to 40px, and headings to 14px
  • Improved design in the table view for labels, statuses, and assigned users
  • Improvements to the table view in the Tasks module

System settings – new automation

  • Fixed missing spaces for Business orders, Business offers, and Invoices modules when creating new automation in the system settings

Across the system

  • Wherever “Create new” is offered in the system (e.g., Contact list, Business case, Product list), a unified design component is created
  • Created two new modales for users regarding the number of operations in the system – the first modal warns when the number of operations on the system reaches 90%, the second modal appears when the user exceeds the operation limit; the user has the option to increase the limits by upgrading to a higher license or wait for the limits to be renewed

Custom fields groups

  • Added labels for users for each custom field group, which are pre-prepared by the system for better information on how these groups can be used


  • When a user uploads a profile picture that is too large, added option for the user to reduce the picture to a size appropriate for the profile picture

The mobile version of the system

  • Fixed a graphical bug in User invitations – the input for the invited user’s email overlapped with the role option

Payment methods

  • Added “Edit plan” button in the system settings for payment methods in case the user has selected a custom payment method
  • Fixed incorrect display of current price plan in system settings

Published by Liesbeth Bronsema

Marketing & Community Manager