Introducing AI-Generated Sync Templates: Sync In & Sync Out Simpler Than Ever
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Introducing the Power Duo: &

Introducing the Power Duo: &

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Wondering how is the’s OEM partnership with Make transforming the landscape of data management? With an integrated Make engine and a no-code cloud platform, offers a seamless and powerful solution for data consolidation and synchronization without the need for multiple subscriptions. This strategic partnership not only provides high connectivity of 1800+ integrations but also ensures a high level of privacy, making it suitable for companies of all sizes, including industry giants like Skoda Auto.

Do You Need a Account to Leverage

The Simple Answer: No. elevates your data integration and management processes by incorporating‘s powerful engine directly into its platform. This means users can enjoy the vast array of integration possibilities offers, without the necessity of a separate account. takes data synchronization to the next level by allowing users to consolidate their data into a central master database, orchestrating a two-way sync across an entire toolset seamlessly. This integration makes it unnecessary to juggle between multiple subscriptions or platforms, streamlining your workflow and simplifying your data management strategy.

How is Integrator implemented in

As an OEM partner, houses’s integration engine within its ecosystem, granting users the ability to create intricate data synchronization scenarios without external dependencies. This collaboration enables a seamless experience where users can design their data flows using the scenario canvas/editor directly on The requirement? Just ensure the inclusion of at least one module in your scenario setup. This unique setup empowers users to build, automate, and synchronize their data workflows within a single, unified platform.

How is different from

A No-Code Revolution

While specializes in creating connections between various applications, takes a broader approach to data management. It is a comprehensive no-code platform designed for data consolidation from myriad sources into a single, centralized master database. This capability facilitates the creation of a standardized Single Source of Truth, enabling effortless synchronization of data across your entire digital toolkit. Unlike, eliminates the need for auxiliary platforms like Google Sheets or Airtable, thanks to its robust no-code database that supports all data types. This distinction underscores’s commitment to simplifying data management and enhancing operational efficiency without compromising on functionality.

The Future of and Partnership

A Bond Built to Last

The synergy between and is not just technological but strategic and forward-looking. Being both an OEM and a Key Tech Partner, hosts a special version of on its infrastructure, reflecting a deep-seated trust and mutual commitment to delivering exceptional data synchronization solutions. This relationship is further solidified by Tadeas Marek, founder of, serving on the Customer Advisory Board, underscoring the strategic alignment between the two entities.

To conclude

The partnership between and represents a groundbreaking approach to data management and synchronization. By integrating’s engine into its platform, provides an unparalleled level of connectivity, flexibility, and ease of use. This collaboration ensures users have access to the latest integrations promptly, backed by a commitment to privacy and security that meets the needs of leading global companies. As continues to evolve alongside, businesses can look forward to more innovative solutions that make data management a breeze, paving the way for smarter, more efficient operations across the board.

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