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Data Synchronization made easy

Core Features

Data Consolidation

Consolidate data from different sources to a single record (item) in the database based on a chosen Key Column.  Merge data from many sources and build a single source of truth. You can chose a different key column per each space and customize this behavior to your needs.

API Token Prioritization

Determine the order of precedence of each record that gets saved into via security key (API token) priorization. allows you to merge data from several tools into one record (item) and you can use the API token prioritization to prioritize what integrations can overwrite each other's data .... read more

Premade Custom Fields

Make use of pre-made custom fields that correspond to commonly used parameters of each module (contacts, products, orders, invoices, etc.). Pre-made custom fields are a basis of our integration templates and they allow us to pre-map most of the common parameters for you, making it incredibly easy to create your... read more

Custom Fields with Functions

Just like in regular spreadsheets, you can correlate data stored in numeric fields with mathematical functions in You can easily include the results of additions, subtractions, divisions, etc., in a report using custom fields.

Webhooks CUD/Custom

Set up notifications when an operation changes. Whenever you save new data, delete, or otherwise modify them, will automatically send a webhook about the event to connected applications over HTTP. Use webhooks to set up scenario triggers in the integrator.

Sandbox Environment

Try out a draft automation setup in the Sandbox test environment. Create a copy of your system and work with your data risk free. 

Build workflows

Create workflow solutions tailored to your company needs with addons. includes more than 20 different addons that are interconnected and ready-to-use. Whether you want to chat with your team, create projects or simply manage your calendars - we got you covered.

Screenshot of the module Forms


Create contact or ordering forms on your web and e-mail and collect all the received answers in a connected database.

Screenshot of the module Charts


Turn data into information in the best way possible. Use dozens of advanced charts to present company data from internal and external sources and make data-based decisions.

Screenshot of the module Calendar


Create and share calendars with an entire company, team or selected individuals. Arranging appointments has never been easier.

Screenshot of the module News monitor

News monitor

Collect data from thousands of verified digital sources in a fast, automated way. The News Monitor automatically finds and saves information per chosen criteria.

Screenshot of the module Notes


Convey your thoughts and ideas, add attachments and share them on an infinite digital notice board.

Screenshot of the module Work reports

Work reports

Keep track of how effectively you invest your money. You can easily determine how much time employees spend on various tasks and projects – and you can evaluate what profit they bring you.

Screenshot of the module Projects


Communicate and cooperate in teams and stay effective and have an overview even when working from the home office. With Projects you will keep all your tasks, notes, calendars, manuals, and others in one place.

Screenshot of the module Wall


Create a space where you and your coworkers can write your opinions, thoughts, or ideas.

Screenshot of the module Contracts


Instill more clarity in the process of the contract realization and bring them to a successful finish. The Contracts module follows up on the successful leads and provides their preparation and trouble-free completion.