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Release v2.0.49

Release v2.0.49

Release Notes

The latest release v2.0.49 is packed with lots of new features. You will find, among other things, a new design of your profile, extension of supported attachments with DWG files, simplified adding users to teams or a wider selection of data in exported files.

Changes and improvements

  • Business Case module: if you change the status of an opportunity to “Lost”, all connected offers and orders will now be automatically closed
  • Stock issue module: when dispensing goods from the stock, the quantity of each stock item is now clearly differentiated in the stock issue
  • User profile: we have improved the design of the “My profile” tab, which is now clearer and more consistent with the rest of the system. Now you can also manage API tokens in this tab
  • Purchases module: we have added information about the connected supplier to the payment overview
  • Attachments: we have expanded the attachment types on DWG format files, which you can now view directly in the system
  • Stock receipts and Stock issues module: now you can open the information about stock item in the new window when creating receipt or issue just with one click
  • Exports: we have added your custom fields to the data in exported files. At the same time, the exported files have undergone a thorough revision
  • Settings: we have simplified adding users to teams
  • Orders module: in the orders overview you will now find a business category assigned not only to the business case, but also to the parent contract
  • and we’ve added a number of small improvements across the system


If you have any ideas for new features, please get in touch with us at [email protected]. We greatly appreciate any feedback you may have.

Published by Ivana Kačerovská

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