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Release v2.0.50

Release Notes

In the new version v2.0.50 we have focused on improving the existing features and functions in the system. We have looked at the charts in the Work Hours module, the linking of the stock card to the product, or the split screen display in the business modules.

Release v2.0.50

Changes and improvements

  • Stock cards module: now you can easily change the assigned stock card directly in the product detail
  • Work hours module: we have modified the ‘hours worked’ chart. We focused on design, better clarity and more accurate display of important data
  • Contracts and Business Cases module: we have improved some details in the split view
  • Business Cases module: now you can see the last status change time in the cases listing
  • Transfers module: we have created a “transfer from transfer” to make it easier to return goods (involved in production) back to the original stock 
  • we have added more hints, icons and tooltips to make the system easier and more intuitive to use
  • more minor UI changes across modules


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Published by Ivana Kačerovská

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