Release v2.0.48

Release v2.0.48

Release Notes

The latest version of the system v2.0.48 contains a number of new features and improvements. Among them, you will find a new design of the Purchases module, a more accurate automation process or updated tables in which you can now view up to 1000 items per page.

Changes and improvements

  • Purchases module: we have redesigned the Purchases detail. They are now clearer and visually aligned with the other modules
  • Products module: we have improved the mobile view of product details
  • Integrations: among the integrations you will now find useful information regarding the connection of your data with
  • Automations: we have made system processes related to automations faster and more accurate
  • Tasks module: if a task is attached to a business case, you can now access the case by simply clicking on the link located in the task detail
  • Table view: we have added the ability to display up to 1000 items per page; we have also extended the ability to filter items within your custom fields in tables
  • Stock issue module: items now display notifications for incorrectly filled in fields 
  • Other minor improvements across the system


If you have any ideas for new features, please get in touch with us at Every feedback you give us takes us one step further!

Published by Ivana Kačerovská

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