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Let's get it won the SaaS startup of the month award! won the SaaS startup of the month award!


Our work was noticed by VestBee, a startup platform for the CEE region, and we were ranked among the best startups of the month in the SaaS category.

Every month, VestBee, an online platform that connects startups, investors, accelerators and corporations in the CEE (Central and Eastern Europe) region in a certain field, selects a small number of startups to receive the “startup of the month” award.

This time, the theme of the month was SaaS (software as a service) and was one of the companies awarded. This put us in the great company of the most interesting startups from the region.

We won the award for making it easier for companies to work with information and enabling them to make better decisions and organize their work in a more effective way To do this, our central cloud platform brings together tools, previously scattered among a number of disparate services and solutions, in a single place in a clear format.

We are delighted to once again be ranked among the best and look forward to seeing where we take our work next!