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One of Europe’s largest startup competitions, the SWCSUMMIT, has reached its final round for the V4 countries. managed to make it to the final and got the chance to compete for a place in the all-European final. Although our journey ends here, it has been an amazing experience and a great opportunity to learn.

Although this is far from the first time for us at to present our project in a startup competition, the opportunity to participate in the Startup World Cup & Summit was a great thing for us. The was one of the twenty projects that were given a three-minute slot to present in the regional finals for the V4 countries (Czechia, Poland, Hungary and Slovakia). Even though we were not lucky enough to be the one company from the region to compete for the all-European win, we gained invaluable experience and new inspiration to go on and work on our development even harder.

Startup World Cup & Summit has always been a source of inspiration and motivation for me. It’s a huge honour for me that I could take to compete in the regional finals of the V4 countries for a place in the big, all-European finals. And even though our journey ends here, it was a great experience and an amazing opportunity.

Starting a project like is a roller coaster ride and this is one of the other amazing moments I get to experience because of it! Thanks to Patricia Markova, Jiří Maroušek, Matěj Kmínek, Petr Hebký and the whole team for helping to make all of this possible. I would also like to thank my mentors Ondrej Homola, Ales Sobotka, David Svoboda and Lukas Hrdlicka for their advice during the pitch preparation.

Tadeáš Marek, LinkedIn post

This year’s SWCSUMMIT was in many ways different than usual. The regional finals is always a great event with a live audience. This year, however, a coronavirus outbreak forced a move to the online world and the finals ended up being closed to the public. Even so, you won’t miss out – we’ve uploaded Tadeáš’s final pitch to YouTube and you can watch it to find out the essentials you need to know about in three minutes.

Big thanks to the SWCSUMMIT team for the perfect organization and congratulations to the winners from Glycanostics, as well as 24 Vision Systems, who will be going to the European final using the wild card!