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After winning the V4 Startup Force, sets out to represent Czech startups among the V4 countries

After winning the V4 Startup Force, sets out to represent Czech startups among the V4 countries


As the winners of the Czech round of the V4 Startup Force competition, we were given the unique opportunity to participate in a week-long program that combines workshops, working with mentors and community building. This year’s event was hosted by Design Terminal in Hungary and we are very happy that was chosen to represent the Czech Republic this year.

If this year was a normal one, we, as the winners of the Czech round would already be spending time at the unique V4 Startup Force program in Budapest, meeting new contacts, learning from mentors, participating in workshops and learning new things. But because this is far from normal year, all of this is happening at the same intensity, but in virtual space. And we are thrilled to be a part of it!

This is because was the winner among the Czech startups that were selected by the Hungarian Design Terminal, which is taking care of this year’s V4 Startup Force, to become Bootcamp participants. For us, this means the opportunity to take part in a seven-day intensive training and mentoring program, along with a ten-day online event focused on mobility and networking, where we will meet representatives of the biggest companies from the V4 countries.

The competition is supported by the Visegrad Fund, funded by the governments of the V4 countries, and organized by the Hungarian company Design Terminal, one of the leading innovation agencies in Central Europe. Together, they create a space for young and innovative companies that can change the world – and give them the opportunity to fulfil their potential.

Video from previous year V4 STARTUP FORCE (video from our participation is currently being prepared):

Although we can’t really travel this time and most of the event will take place online, it’s a unique opportunity to meet colleagues from other startups as well as potential clients from both the world of big corporations and local business.

Published by Tadeas Marek founder