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Check it out Selected as a Top 60 Global Startup for Amazon’s Accelerator Program Selected as a Top 60 Global Startup for Amazon’s Accelerator Program

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We are thrilled to announce that has been chosen as one of the top 60 startups worldwide to participate in Amazon’s prestigious accelerator program.

From an overwhelming pool of 1,000 global applicants, has ben chosen to participate in Amazon’s Accelerator Program.

For those who are not familiar, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Accelerator Program is a meticulously crafted initiative that seeks to empower startups by providing them with the resources they need to scale up their businesses. The program equips startups with the best of Amazon’s technology, mentorship, and most importantly, the chance to collaborate with Amazon’s extensive network of clients and partners.

A big thank you to the AWS team for this opportunity, and to Matouš, our fearless CMO, who will be our envoy in this venture. We take this as an opportunity to showcase the phenomenal work we’ve been doing, and we’re eager to introduce our innovative solutions to the world.

Stay tuned for more updates! 

Published by Liesbeth Bronsema

Marketing & Community Manager