Introducing AI-Generated Sync Templates: Sync In & Sync Out Simpler Than Ever
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Announcement: What’s coming?

Announcement: What’s coming?

You know how it works: behind every business lies a lot of work that isn’t visible – like right away visible.

Over the past few weeks, we’ve been listening carefully to your insights, reading all your reports and comments, taking notes and doing research ✍️ Our team has been working hard to optimize the system to the requests and needs of you – our users.

So what’s coming?

We are preparing a complete update of the user interface. It’s all about simplifying the process of integrating applications into each integration will have its pre-made template, some current modules will be merged, and on the other hand, new ones will be introduced. We are also working on verifying the entire system for large applications, so that users don’t have to fill out unnecessarily complex forms when integrating some applications.

We’ve also put a huge effort into extending the documentation 📄 You can look forward to 10x more articles and topics, that will make working with the system and integrator much easier. But more about that in the next few days when we release open beta.

Stay tuned – we’re just starting! 🙌

Team 🚀

Published by Liesbeth Bronsema

Marketing & Community Manager