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Release v2.17.0

Release v2.17.0

Release Notes

In the new system version v2.17.0, you can expect the following improvements: an extension of bulk actions in the Stock items module, easier adding of Embed/iFrame function to the main desktop, adding a module icon to link in the main desktop, and much more.

UX/UI improvements:

  • 5454: extension of bulk actions functionality in Stock Items module – now it is possible to create receipts, issues, and transfers in bulk
  • 5581: new option to add Embed/iFrame directly from the main desktop (Desktop Settings -> Add Module)
  • 5497: adding a module icon to link in the main desktop
  • 5264: new color schemes across the system + improved color clarity in existing schemes
  • 5538: overwriting the External Identification field created in the stock card into the stock item



  • 5556: fix for broken task scrolling in the Kanban Board module.
  • 5246: fix for incorrect tooltip (quick help) for Edit and Delete buttons in stock modules
  • 5575: adding a dialog box to warn about data loss when closing a work report in progress
  • 5542: adding missing chart in the Work Hours module when filtering data (in Safari browser)
  • 5576: removing an overstaying user in the integrator
  • 5619: delete unnecessary module Reservations


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Published by Ivana Kačerovská

Detailist・Traveler・Marketing Assistant