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Connect the modules in a complete and linked project.

Communicate and cooperate in teams and stay effective and have an overview even when working from the home office. With Projects you will keep all your tasks, notes, calendars, manuals, and others in one place.

Screenshot of the module Projects

Be productive, not busy

Connect your team and be a leader who works effectively. The Projects module facilitates – thanks to the implementation of best practices – the management of projects of any size.

Waterfall or agile?

It’s up to you. The Projects module will adapt to your needs whether you lead the projects using the waterfall method or agile.

Manage project portfolios

Get an instant and interactive overview of all ongoing projects and hours worked.

Integration of more modules

The Project module can be integrated with other modules into one easy-to-view system.

Work hours reporting

Get an overview of the time spent on a project by combining the work hours from various modules.

Roles and access

Manage roles and give different levels of access depending on the project phase.

Add important attachments

Thanks to the integration with the Notes module, you can easily add comments, manuals, processes and other types of attachments.

Optimal use of resources

Thanks to integration with the Gantt Chart and Tasks modules, you always know whether your resources are used optimally.

Integration with other modules

Automated integration with other modules within the, like Contacts, Calendars, Graphs and others.