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Build a master product database and synchronize it with your eshops, dealers, pricelists. Manage your product database centrally.

Build a detailed product database and link it to company e-shops, websites or modules such as Warehouses, Business orders, Business offers or Purchases.

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Discover effective ways to work with products

The era when the product’s design, manufacturing, and sales were separate is finally gone. Keep all the information about your products in one place – the description, photos, manuals, documentation, related products, prices, parts, and anything else.

Find out what really works

Use analytic tools for better product-related decisions. Visualize the sales and seasonal trends, sales-to-stocks ratio, or real effect of marketing campaigns.

Use one database for countless e-shops

Thanks to the connection of the product database with e-shop solutions, you can manage all the company’s products inside You can then send the information to corresponding web apps.

Integration with store management

Automated connection with the store management – from order to shipping.

Integration with ERP and e-shop

Make full use of your company’s central management system by integrating the with other tools and web apps.

Detailed settings of access and data

Set up what product data will be saved and who can access them.

Export and reporting

Select products and export their data in the .zip, .pdf or .xls formats.

Integration with other modules

Automated integration with other modules in, like Business orders, Projects or Contracts.