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News monitor

Automate online article searches.

Collect data from thousands of verified digital sources in a fast, automated way. The News Monitor automatically finds and saves information per chosen criteria.

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Don’t waste your time

The times of unreliable, lengthy Google searches are over. All you have to do is enter a topic (e.g., trends, specific technologies, or mentions of your company) and then focus only on the content of the articles found.

Have an overview

The News Monitor includes wide possibilities for setting up that allows you to precisely filter the sources that mention your company and products, competition, market innovations, new tenders, and many others.

Searching by keywords

Search using keywords and phrases in more than 50,000 sources from all around the world.

Detailed search settings

Specify precisely which exact internet sources (or types of sources) you want to search.


Automate tagging the newly found articles for easy sorting and set up automated information sharing.

Tools for team cooperation

Cooperate in a module and delegate tasks with the overview of changes and comments.